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The Radio

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Casa Paloma

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Feb 14, 2005
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Just when you have lost faith in human kindness, someone who teaches at a Middle School in Safety Harbor, Florida, forwarded the following letter:

The letter was sent to the principal's office after the school had sponsored a luncheon for the elderly. An old lady received a new radio at lunch as a door prize and was writing to say thank you. This story is a credit to all human kind.

Dear Safety Harbor Middle School:

God bless you for the beautiful radio won at your recent senior citizens luncheon. I am 84 years old and live at the Safety Harbor Assisted Home for the Aged. All of my family has passed away. I am all alone now and it's nice to know that someone is thinking of me. God bless you for your kindness to an old forgotten lady. My roommate is 95 and always had her own radio, but before I received one, she would never let me listen to her's, even when she was napping. ...The other day her radio fell off the nightstand and broke into a lot of pieces. It was awful and she was in tears. She asked if she could listen to mine....and I told her to kiss my a@@. Thank you for that opportunity.
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