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the state of goggins

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Feb 14, 2005
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here you go BB. I think this was written in response to haymaker.

If you lived up here where R-calf, LMA and Pat Goggins rules everything you do with a cow, you would not dare say the things you say. Now that Pat owns every market in town and controls the buyers at all of the other markets in the state and surrounding states, controls trucking companies and also owns catfish farms and an Albertsons store, I think you would see market manipulation and price manipulation that you would understand. I went to school with Joe and John Goggins, Joe could sleep through a test and pass, got to where no one would sit on the same side of the room with him and lead to his no studying and passing.. How does J and L Livestock disperse every year? Are those cattle one iron that they have raised? no way in HELL. They are cattle Joe steals as an auctioner, puts together and sells as his own. Come up here and see. Also, the wonderful Diamond Ring Ranch sale they also own, before the border closure, sent most of the cattle from the sale to Canada. The vet that wrote the health papers for the cattle to go dared me to write to Goggins papers and ask why? This was at the beginnning of R-Calf, who do you think is financing Leo?

sw, you should really post the story above on the bull session! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your beef enterprise.


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