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The trials of a Sunday morning

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
The trials of a Sunday morning, a couple days ago we had lost a few chickens to a varmint. Thinking it was a raccoon we set a live trap baited with marshmallows. First day the bait was gone and the trap still set this Sunday morning there a skunk caught in it. We feed the bum lambs and calves that are close but stay away from the chicken coop because the trap and skunk are right in front of it. We get ready for Church and we get out in the driveway and the bum lambs are out on the highway. We coax them up and around and get them pack into their pasture, fix a stick into a hole in the fence and then hop in the pickup and head for Church. Up the road a mile I back around to come home and get the Tithing as we pull into the drive way the lambs are already out again this time on the hill in the alfalfa. We herd them back but they but they miss the gate I work up and around the trap as the lambs all take a look and excite the skunk to release a small plume into the air. I get a gate open next to the small shed where the lamb cold milk feeder is and with sue getting the last 3 that didn’t make the turn we got them in. Off to Church again we get there the opening hymn and Invocation had been done. The Sacrament hymn is being sung. We see my Mother and go and sit by her, I tell her why we are late and asked if we smell like skunk, Mother said “No” but Sister Call turns around from the pew in front and said “YES”

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