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The value of polls?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Did anyone notice how the amount of voters increased lately in some of the polls here? Only certain ones. I wondered why all of a sudden that many more people decided to express an opinion. When people post, they do so in a certain style. They often misspell the same words, have the same line of thought etc. Lately I have noticed that at least 3 different posters are posting under 2 different names. Is this the added votes in the polls? I have seen this before on other forums. People grab a couple of hotmail or yahoo addresses and sign in under different names and can vote 3-4 times. They can also act as their own shills when advertising, lead questions to themselves and support their own theories. I have seen it happen many times over the years.

Many people post from the same ISP so the moderator cannot block the whole isp. These people always screw up at one time or another, watch for it as its kinda funny! No major point here, just that these polls are kinda worthless as they no longer reflect the majority of opinion and I thought I would share a little source of amusement. :lol:


Why not disclose those who voted more than once Fedup?

It sure as hell wasn't me because these polls are phony anyway.


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