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The wolf next door

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
I am not having any luck making the photos show, but this is quite interesting and eye-opening.


The Wolf next door.... VERY graphic pictures

The picture of the remains of the Labrador retriever (second slide) was taken near Grangeville, Idaho, about an hour north of McCall. Wolves will not tolerate other species of canids, so dogs are in constant danger in wolf country. Taking your dog with you to the woods is not safe for the dog anymore.

The wolves that were introduced here are gray wolves from Canada, the same species that are in Alaska. The wolf that was historically present here were timber wolves, which were quite different (they were still present here on the Payette in low numbers when the grays were brought in, but have likely been exterminated by the grays). Gray wolves are much larger (males can weigh up to 140-150#), hunt in much larger packs, and engage in sport killing (timber wolves did not, at least to any great extent). The graphic pictures of cow elk and deer killed for sport shows that these wolves do not just kill for survival...they kill for sport. So what the feds did was not give us a species that was not native to our ecosystem...they gave us a brand new species that is a killing machine. This is like putting a great white shark in your swimming pool, then putting your kids in for a swim. The shark is going to do what it is supposed to do. The result is not going to be a pretty picture.

The statistics on caribou survival in an area of Alaska are also interesting. The low calf survival was due to wolf predation, and the vastly improved number came after a concerted program to reduce wolf numbers was carried out before the 2008 calving season. I don’t think that they make that point on the slide. Similarly, on another slide the 16,000 plus elk population in Montana was for one herd that ranges from Yellowstone down to low country near Gardner, Mt.. This was a flagship herd that provided hunting opportunities and was a major economic benefit to the town of Gardner, and surrounding communities. Hunters from all over the world came there to hunt elk and remove excess animals. I think that hunting is no longer allowed on that herd because of the reduction in population from wolf predation. Non resident sales of elk tags here in Idaho are suffering as well, as hunters recognize that spending major money to come here and harvest an elk isn’t likely to be successful. For many, a trip to Montana or Idaho was the trip of a lifetime, and that is disappearing. The flagship Idaho elk herd was the Lolo herd, and hunting on that herd has been greatly reduced for the same reason as the Gardner herd in Montana.This is a great example of how our wildlife “experts” have been co-opted by politics.

Here’s another example: Here in the Northwest, we reduced a thriving timber industry by about 80-90%% in a misguided attempt to save the spotted owl. Mills closed, communities suffered, and logging is a very small industry now. Here’s the kicker: it turns out that the spotted owls are being replaced by the invasion of barred owls into their territory. This is a totally natural event, and species expanding into new territories is as old as time. The US F&WL Service biologist’ are now considering an option to start killing the barred owls to keep them from taking over and eliminating the spotted owls. In our huge backcountry areas, this is like trying to keep the ocean tide from coming in every 12 hours on the Texas coast, but that’s their answer. Now all they want is tons of money to fund killing the barred owls (and increase the size of their bureaucracy), and with no hope for success. But so long as they can get the taxpayer to fund it, it’s all good.

This would be like deciding in Texas that white tailed deer need to be eliminated in order to save a songbird that was listed as an endangered or threatened species (with questionable scientific proof). You can see how folks might not be real happy to take a federal biologist’s word that this is the answer, especially all those who own property and make much of their living off of deer leases. Hunters might even find that solution to be objectionable. It would never happen (or would it???), but here in the west, where much of the land is in federal ownership, they have no problem dictating these kinds of policies.

Many of us who are academically trained in forestry, wildlife biology,and natural sciences, and have many years of experience, understand that this trend really got out of hand in the early 1990s with the Clinton administration, and has continued to worsen with time. As the power of the environmental lobby has surged, logic and science have been replaced by politically driven agendas. And it affects you, whether you realize it or not. If you doubt it,take a close look at why the proposed Keystone Pipeline was stalled after more that three years of environmental studies showed it to be environmentally acceptable. The Obama administration simply succumbed to the pressure from environmental groups. If it is finally approved, it won’t be because the science changed, but rather that it became politically necessary for Obama’s re-election. Much of the global warming “science” is aimed at giving federal agencies more say in all aspects of industry as well. As said in the movie that I sent you (Crying Wolf), it ain’t about the wolves...there is a much bigger agenda at play here. Management of forests fisheries and wildlife are more advanced in America that anywhere in the world, yet politicians place less value on the professional opinions of those trained in these sciences than they do on their own political agendas, and appeasing constituents with their own agendas.

Where does it end? With the end of hunting, fishing, logging, mineral production, or any other consumptive use of our lands, whether public or private. If you think that is not likely, you haven’t been following what is happening in every part of America.

Dave Alexander

Subject: Fw: The Wolf next door.... VERY graphic pictures

Some interesting facts about run counter to environmentalist claims as they attempt to re-introduce more.

The other side of the story. The part about the dogs is so true. The wolf pack used a wolf in heat to draw the dog away from safety then the whole pack turns on it and tears it apart. Numerous cases of wolves killing dogs in popular areas out side towns in Alaska have been documented in the past few years, and a case of a jogger being killed there is also documented.

There are very good reasons why the white man hunted them close to EXTINCTION!! Some of those reasons can be seen in the attached..........................................

The next time someone tells you that the reintroduction and protection of wolves is a good thing, send them this email. Another government program with consequences.

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