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Thermosink waterer help...

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Jan 22, 2012
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Hi... I see some of you have thermosink waterers... I have a thermosink single waterer... During this last cold spell it no longer has been filling – albeit it is not froze up, the pressurized water is working from our pumphouse end, the float is attached and seems to be doing what it is supposed to, and I can just reach the water in the water storage side just below the second linking arm that attaches to the float. So my conclusion is that there is something preventing the water from flowing into the water storage side. Although I did not adjust the external shut-off, it does seem logical that I try adjusting that. However I cannot turn it nor push it nor pull it, without considerable force.

Can somebody tell me how to adjust the external shut-off?

Do you have other ideas as to why the water storage is not filling? thanks
We have a couple of these waterers and my advice is to. If you can shut your main pump down and pull the riser pipe on the the filling side of the tank.Check to make sure there is no small rocks caught up in the float valve.Turn the main water on and flush the line for a few seconds and reassemble. and turn water back on and see if it works. As far as the shut-offs on the tanks they always turn hard. So if you shut the main water off and take the pressure off the line it main turn on and off easier. Try that see how it works
The shut off works by turning it left to shut off and right for on. It should be turned to the right as far as it will go. 1/4 turn from off to on. You have to use a wrench on it. Unless your float is about 1/2 submerged your not getting water in to it. On mine both sides fill to about 6" from the top, much fuller than that and the float came up against the lid and didn't shut off.
Has anyone had an issue with one side of a double bowl waterer overflowing? Checked the float was free and working and float mechanism was pushed down. Could it be the valve or the O ring? Also having trouble pulling the mechanism out, may be stuck? Waterer has been in place for about 20 years with no issues until a couple months ago after the really cold spell in AB. Thanks!

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