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Things are looking up

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
"Rain before seven, quit before eleven." It's been raining pretty hard here since about 3 a.m. this morning. When I last checked, there was two and a fourth inches in the rain guage, which includes the six tenths that registered this time yesterday. The drought has been broken, at least for the next two weeks. (We are never over two weeks away from a drought.) Our daughter called that she eloped, so things are looking up. :lol:

Fabulous!!!! I was just checking out the radar and thinking (scarily enough!!!) that Soapweed, Mrs. Soapweed, Has Been and Saddletramp are gonna have a wet day!!!! I am very happy for you guys.

Can you please direct it due north and then tell it to move west when it gets around the ND/SD state line? :wink:

I hope you guys have a great day (take a bit of time and watch it rain too!!!), hell maybe even go out and dance in the stuff! :lol2:

Cheers to a grand day!

So glad you are getting good moisture up your way-Soapweed-what a great start for the grass! DO you know if there is any grass available for rent this season for spring pairs. An outfit in SD is looking for some grass if it does not change quickly up there. Thanks
Soapweed that rain before 7 quit before 11 is something my dad always said and i was wondering if you knew the rest of the saying all i can remember is rain after 11... i know if it rains after 11 it is suposed to rain the rest of the day,but cant remember the words. :D
We got a half in of rain yesterday, and the map looks as if we may get some more. If feels good to get some moisture. We are sitting better this spring than we have for a long time.
BMR don't send it too far north-were finally getting some moisture up our way-we don't have a very long growing season so a dry spring pretty much hoops us-but we get rain and those 20 hour dayus watch out lol.
I live in god's country where men are men and moose are nervous-actually there are more cows in the north half of Saskatchewan than the south were just too far from Regina for anyone to notice lol.
Northern Rancher said:
I live in god's country where men are men and moose are nervous-actually there are more cows in the north half of Saskatchewan than the south were just too far from Regina for anyone to notice lol.

I didn't know cows survived that far north, Northern Rancher. :wink:
Is your grass green yet?
The "rain before seven, quit before eleven" deal worked. It quit for awhile and then started up again this afternoon. Just checked the guage again and it read 4.25 inches. Another inch and the rain guage will run over. One thing though, for the most part it has been pretty hard steady drizzle with little washing. The wind has blown right along, and the temperature has dropped to 39 degrees.

This is one of those days that I'm glad we are not calving hard. I'd rather fight cold dry snow than a deal like this, getting thirty or forty calves a day. Our calving lot, which is quite sandy, was getting muddy. I just let the remaining 45 heavies out into a good sized pasture so they can find drier ground for the night.

A couple warm days should really bring on some grass. We already have more grass than we did by the 20th of May last year.
Well I got 5 inches of rain(wishful thinking). Really we got 60 hundredths here, but another headquarters only showed 30 hundredths. The whole area got some at least, so it will give us a start.

Congratulations Soapweed. I wish grumpy pants could get your rain over a weeks time, so it wouldn't wash his whole country away. I think it is very dire in his direction. Not much better here.
I could get jealous of your great rain, Soapweed!

Only one time in the almost 48 years we have lived here have we had a four inch rain. That was a great mild summer thunderstorm with beautiful rainbows all over the sky during and after, as the sun peeked out many times.

We are at about 1.50 here, and over 2" three miles east, and still raining fairly nice. Sounds like we may have gotten some good amounts on our west unit, too. And the guy we are going to pasture yearlings with got good rains, too. Looking up. Still need pasture for some cows for the summer/early fall season. Desperately need running water and FULL dams. The rural water (new to our area this year) guys hint they may not have enough water if too many people have to use it for their cattle in our area this summer.

Just checked the rain guage and dumped out 4.6 inches. Four inches have come since 3 a.m. this morning, and the other 6 tenths came yesterday. It is raining hard, and the wind is quite strong. Thought if it wasn't dumped, the guage might overflow (at the 5.25 level).

I hate being a big hog on this rain deal, and would sure donate anything else we might get tonight to other needy souls. This country never has been known for moderation in anything, and is instead a land of extremes. The summer temperatures can be beastly hot, and the winters can sure be way too cold for way too long. When it's dry, it's terribly dry, and then sometimes when it rains it gets carried away and a bit of sunshine would be mighty welcome. I'm not complaining, just stating the facts from fifty plus years of observation. :?
Soapweed... what is the rest of that saying?rain before 7 ..quit before 11. whats the next part? rain at 11? or something llike that
Silver things are starting to green up a bit-I'm gonna turn out a bit later since we pounded things a bit hard last year. The moisture we had will take the frost oput of our peatmoss meadows a bit earliar so they'll be great this year. When things are good here you can hear the grass grow lol.
Dad used to say rain before 7 over by 11... the next line was rain after 11.....or rain by 11... something like that. it meant it would rain the rest of the day so you can take the rest of the day off. Any one else know of this saying? it used to be fairly acurate.

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