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Thinking of buying a new baler.

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Feb 22, 2008
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west chilcotin bc
As wet as our ground still is we're thinking we may need a lighter outfit this year. How much production you think this rig might put out. :lol:

take a summer of 15 hour days to do a quarter section i'm guessing :wink: :D

uncles ranched in country very similar to yours, one of them kept an allis-chalmers roto baler and a wd45 just for the wet years
I'm sorry but I just don't see any practical use for any of the little balers - - - I have both the old JD 510 and the JD 530 set up to make apx 2,200# bales and If I could I would rework one to make 4,000# bales - - - I don't mind handling hay but I'm lazy enough to want to be as efficient as possible.

I custom roll for a couple of locals that want 1,200# to 1,500# bales - - - I charge $13.00 a bale weather it is 1,200# or 2,200# they don't have big enough tractors to pick up anything bigger. I charge $2.00 a bale to move them big or small.
I think that's just as cute as a button. :D

Besides, with all the good farmland being turned into 5 acre plots with one cow a pony and three sheep, there just could be a market for it. :roll: :roll:

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