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This Canadians perspective on pro sports.

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Sep 4, 2006
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far as the eye can see
A PucK Into A Net

My daddy is just a doctor,
he saved a babies life last night.
As the mommy screamed to save her,
my daddy heard her plight.

My mommy is a paramedic,
she saves lives every day.
Yesterday it was two drug addicts,
and an women who's heart had gave away.

My daddy is a high court judge.
he tries to enforce the law.
In public he never gets a tap or nudge,
no one ever wants a picture with him at the mall.

My mommy is a teacher,
she helps so many children learn each day.
My uncle is a gospel preacher,
in his church the homeless people can freely stay.

My daddy is a police man,
he protects us all each day.
No one wants his autograph,
and many have mean things to say.

My daddy takes away peoples garbage,
he stores it properly so germs will stay away.
My mommy is school bus driver,
she carefully drives children around all day.

My daddy plays pro hockey.
he is on the local team.
People scream and run to see,
a glimpse of him everywhere we have been.

Strangers want a picture with him,
or his name across a card.
They call him a hero and listen close,
all he says is thank-you and that he trys hard.

I loved my dad to pieces,
best father there ever was.
He told me son,I am no hero to anyone.
I told him that to me he was,

He said so many people help us son,
they need all of our respect.
Its about people helping everyone,
not putting a puck into a net.

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