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This is "Coffee Shop" material!!!!!!!!

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
May 16 2005 at 03:30PM

Berlin - Fancy a delicacy to tempt your taste-buds? How about maggots?

A German restaurant claims to be fully booked after adding these squirmy critters to their menu.

Dishes at the Espitas restaurant in Dresden include maggot ice cream, maggot salads and maggot cocktails.

Apparently, the eatery imports the "nutritious and extremely tasty" maggots from Mexico.

Espitas owner Alexander Wolf said: "We are the first in the world as far as I know to start importing them.

"What started out as a bit of a joke has exceeded all expectations.

"We started serving maggots about a month ago, and now we have guests spreading the word to their friends, and we are now fully booked for weeks ahead.

"We serve maggot salads, fried maggots with cactus and corn, maggot desserts such as maggots in ice cream or chocolate sauce, and of course maggot cocktails. -
Mike there has got to be some error in your post.I dont think anyone would eat something like that except ~SH~ and I dont know that he could eat enough of them to keep em profitable,on the second thought ......he does have a big mouth.............good luck

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