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This story sounds like "Quite a Stretch"

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Mon Feb 20, 11:41 AM ET

MADRID (AFP) - After what the mother termed a "rather complicated" pregnancy a Colombian couple are cooing over the birth of baby daughter Arancha, who weighed in at a whopping seven kilos (15.4 pounds).

Arancha thudded into the lives of parents Rosario and Juan Carlos, Colombian immigrants living in Colmenar Viejo on the outskirts of Madrid, on February 13 in what Madrid's La Paz hospital termed "an unprecedented event," the child weighing 7.010 kilos and already 56.5 centimetres (22.5 inches).

"The child is the largest born in 40 years of the history of this clinic -- it's a unique, unprecedented occurrence," the head of the clinic's neo-natal services, Jesus Perez Rodriguez told a news conference.

Hospital sources would not reveal the parent's family name for reasons of privacy.

Rodriguez put the abnormal weight down to what appears to be a genetic factor" with the 38-year-old mother having had a daughter weighing a fairly hefty five kilos at birth nine years ago.

The pair were due to leave hospital later Monday.

By comparison, a woman gave birth in Brazil in January last year to Ademilton dos Santos, a boy weighing eight kilos -- twice the average of a newborn.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest ever baby survived just 11 hours at 10.8 kilos after being born to Canadian Anna Bates in 1879.

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