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Three Eyed Horse

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
Three Eyed Horse
by MC

Learn to sleep like a three-eyed horse
My father said, his voice was tired and hoarse

I left my bunk cranky with much remorse

It was calving time, requiring all on 24 hour duty
How do I sleep on my feet and not my booty

Sleep like a horse with three eyes he said
Stand at the corral, don’t lie in your bed

The time for lying sleep is once you are dead

Lock your knees with closed eyes but alert
Don’t count sheep or with Shepherds flirt

But I don’t have a third eye and neither does a horse
I was young but not dumb, so I said it with force

It is an invisible ability when you stay the course

Like a horse you can awake on your feet ready to go
From the thermos take a quick sip of steaming old Joe

Coffee drinking age 10 was forbidden except at calving time
To me it didn’t make sense, but that was their line

Like a sleeping horse with three eyes, it was one of a kine

I remember my first time turning a breech
I stood on a stool, it was quite a long reach

Finding the front feet pulling them out first
Followed by the head and neck, with pride I burst

Now for another, I was hooked I had the thirst

How many I turned I really don’t know
But I sure earned those sips of steaming old Joe

I wanted to go to school and become a vet
I never did but that isn’t a current regret

Sleeping on my feet alludes me yet

I never mastered the sleeping like a three eyed horse angler
You see, I was more of a cattle girl and less of a wrangler
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