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Tim Cox Loves to Paint Cutting Horses

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Mar 20, 2005
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Howdy, and thanks "ranchwife" for being the first to mention Tim Cox among everyone's favorite western/cowboy artists. You must love cutting horses like I do. So far I have found more paintings of cutting horses by Tim than anyone else. Tim loves cutting horses, and loves to paint them. He also finds time to coach a lot of young riders on how to ride cutting horses.

Tim was also nominated for our list by "PPRM" and "M Gravlee." Thanks to you, too! Obviously, a lot of us love Tim's work, and so does Ranchers.net (see Home page). If you would like to see a lot of Tim's cutting horse paintings and read a neat quote from Buster Welch about women and cutting horses, then use this link to my blog. After reading a little more about Tim and reading the quote, you can then use the link in the blog to see the paintings. There are at least 6 paintings of cutting horses you will be able to view.

Thanks again "ranchwife," "PPRM" and "M Gravlee!" Tim is a fantastic artist!


I seen his work at an art show. He said he paints a lot in southeastern Montana. Another good one out of Canada that I do not remember her name.
Tim Cox has a realistic, yet smooth style to his painting and you can feel the emotion of his subjects!! they are simply fantasic paintings! I own a few of the prints and am anxious to obtain more in the future....gee, maybe i should drop a hint or two to the hubby about the 10th anniversary coming up on the 17th :wink:
Anybody ever heard of Nancy Penner? She's from Canada. My husband has bought me some of her paintings. I remember the first one I ever got. When I unwrapped it and seen the cow in the painting, it made me cry because the cow looked exactly like the cow I had just shipped that my husband had bought for me as an anniversary present six years previous.
Shelly....where do you get the Penner prints....I seen some of her work (commissioned pictures of horses) years ago when she was just starting. She is a very talented artist!
My husband got them from Gallery on Pacific in Saskatoon. I don't know if it's still open or not. You can try contacting Prairie West Artworks also, but where it's based out of, I don't know. :?
Hmmmm, never thought about it, but PPRM loves cutting horses to.....they are incredible athletes. Maybe that's a reason I'm drawn to the work by Tim Cox,


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