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tis the season...

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Dec 13, 2005
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North Central Montana
today was a pretty neat day. this might get a little windy and probably going to expose the girly side in me so bear with me fellas but i can't quit smilin.

we had our 4-H meeting this afternoon and i took the kids over to shelby to meet the group at a shopping center to buy christmas gifts for children in need. we bought some fun learning kind of stuff for a 2 year old boy, some clothes, and a toy... while we were there i ran into a neighbor and friend that lives 15 miles north of us that was shopping for his kids, a two year old boy and newborn girl. he was alone and his wife died shortly after his little girl was born from something related to the birth... anyhow it happened very recently and he needed a shoulder to unload on. the 4-h kids were getting ready to check out with their gifts and i saw my friend standing alone in the check out line and i don't know why but i paid for his stuff. when we got done the 4-h leader wanted to take the group of kids out for pizza so i went along and after everyone ordered i went up to just pay for the whole thing but i was shy 2 dollars to pay for it. while i was fumbling thru my money (i didn't bring my wallet like the retard i am) i told the lady at the cash register i think i'll just have to pay for my own and let them pay for the pizza out of the 4-h account (which by the way was the whole plan to begin with)... and the lady at the register says - why don't you be a man a pay for the whole thing and before i could respond she says do you need a job honey! she knows who i am and i been in there enough times to know that is her sense of humor. anyhow she is the owner and before i could say anything else she grabs a twenty out of my hand and another twenty out of her pocket and says - here, i'll loan you this and we'll keep this just between you and that way you can tell them you paid for the pizza. it all happened pretty fast and i was embarassed and agreed. anyhow - i went back and sat down with the kids and i couldn't quit thinking about it. so i went back up and told her the story of why we were in town and about the friend of mine i ran into while shopping and what she did on top of it and she says... see pay it forward is real. which is what was in my head but i have a hard time saying that kind of stuff outloud cause it feels corny. anyhow - the waitress got as big a tip as i've ever given and it was fun. i have to go back to shelby tomorrow to hand deliver some stuff to guys that hired me custom hay or swathing and i thought i'd take her back a card of thanks (with the 20) and one of our 4-h club shirts.

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