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To my friends on Ranchers

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May 8, 2005
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where i am
spent the last few days packing and moving everything into storage. The old place sure looks empty with the cows and equipment gone and now the house does too with all the furniture gone. Saturday is the last day at home. I am working on getting my cdl and then it looks like I am off to the oil fields in Texas, at least for the winter.After having this place taken from me I think I need to just get away for a while and clear my head. I know I don't post on here a lot but I sure have enjoyed keeping up with everyone. after the next couple of days I am not sure when I will be back on a computer again but will check in on everyone whenever I can. Hope everyone has a really good new year Go easy, Cowboyup
Take Care cowboyup... The best of luck to you... Too bad about the place..

Keep us informed the best you can.
Well Cowboyup, I'm awfully sorry to hear that you're moving in a different direction, I'm sure things will work out for you on your new path. Please keep us posted, as I'm sure new opportunities will arise for you out there in the patch and things will be looking up sooner than you think.
I enjoyed your post over the last years, and hope you continue to be a presence here.... you can take the cowboy off the ranch but you can't take the ranch out of the cowboy.
Good luck with where ever life leads ya! :D Sorry you are leaving the ranch. it just sucks, if that's not too vulgar! :mad: If ya find yourself in Utah, i'll buy the Pepsi.
gcreekrch said:
Best of Luck, you never know what opportunities await until they appear. :wink:

Keep in touch.

Yep, when one door closes, look around for one that is open. Good luck, and God Bless. Stay in touch.
Give 'em hell, Cowboyup...and thx for stepping-up and doing what you can to help the U.S. get offa the foreign-oil teat.

Put yer paychecks away, invest what you can, and someday you'll find your way back onto another ranch, helping feed the masses.

God Bless, and God-Speed.
Thanks everyone for the good wishes. I will check in when I can. My saddle and my gear will be in the fifth wheel with me so if I pass by one of you guys maybe I can stop and help you for a day or so or at least till a good hand gets there! I am going to miss walking out every morning and hearing my Susie Horse hollering to me so I might need a horse fix once in a while. Go easy and have a great new year. Cowboyup
Sorry, good luck,,,,,,know it is no relief but things almost always happen for the best

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