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To Rancher: think this looks like a good Mole Killer?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Our grandchild named him Mouthy Marvin seen here with grand-dgt and hubby. He's living on the porch until he gets some muscle. He HAS needle claws and teeth though and attacks barefeet.
Mike, the t-shirt was from our son who was in the Navy in HA. It says "men of waves" Hawaii. Just goes to show the logo shirts mean absolutely nothing about the wearer- especially if they're hand me downs
Mike said:
That's sure is a beautiful Grand-Child! Bet she looks just like her Grandmother!

I should be so lucky! Unfortunately not one iota of resemblance. However she does love hot spicy foods like me. Strange to see a 2 year old gobble hot salsa and she eats raw lemon, peel and all, no sugar on it.

That is a picture that says many things in it's silence. I believe you should keep this one for posterity and for that little girl when she is a grown woman with children of her own.

I believe she will appreciate it greatly.

Good mornin' Haymaker. Looks like we're the only two up this early.
Got hot here yesterday. Water temp 81
I suspect some of us were out checking animals this morning!

Then we came in to the house and sat down at the computer


FH-We quit getting the local paper- tired choking on all those left wings crammed down our throats. :x

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