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Feb 10, 2005
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You'd mentioned your interest in gardens and I found this INCREDIBLE site for the UK's Chelsea Flower Show where you can view winning gardens panoramically on the internet. Just go around in circles and see what they created! I hope the URL above works. This garden is called 4head for some reason and was beautiful. Makes the Philadelphia Flower Show look like kindergarten plantings!
If that link doesn't work (for some reason my computer blocked it when I tried it just now)
go to Google and type in: Chelsea Flower Show 2005which takes you right to their site
Go to: Show Gardens and down on that page you can click on an assortment of gardens and do the panoramic thing! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.[/i]

Thanks so much for posting that link---isn't it amazing what they can do with computers now days??? I didn't go through all of the gardens (like dessert, I'll save some for later!) but the ones I did go through were really interesting, and different too.

My cousin was married last weekend in a garden ceremony, in probably one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen--two waterfalls on both sides of the house, beautiful roses everywhere--what a sight it was! Most of us ladies remarked how much we'd like a yard like that--much to the menfolk's dismay! Actually I think they pretended not to hear us raving, so they can plead ignorance when we starting talking about all the things we liked! I forgot my camera but will see if anyone else took some pics and I'll post if I can get them.

nr, again, thanks!



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