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Today in Central Mn

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Feb 10, 2005
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Mn usa

Moving 40 pairsI just opened the gate and they followed the pickup kinda a Farmer deal.



Some of the yearling heifers.




A few cows even a Red one to show I'm a equal opportunity employer. Were going to AI 50 cows and 40 heifers of which are all together in one group now.
Looks like you might have some elm trees Denny? They came back around here after the big die-off in the ''60's but they are dying off again.
Faster horses said:
Move 'em the easiest way it works!!
Cattle look good Denny. Thanks for sharing.

I ran out of hay about 10 days ago so I put them on grass. Those cows were on a hayfield that had some pasture along the edge and north end that had enough to last them a week giving the real pasture the time it needed.

Burnt: We have some elm trees here mostly oak and ash along the road here on this pasture. Seams like you don't notice the elms until they die.I sure burn alot of elm firewood.

Big Muddy: I have picture's of our brandings of past years and we had leaves this year there were none.

Dave: Other than a few thin younger cows and a few Grannies they faired pretty well.
Denny your cows look good, looks to me like your cows frame is on the conservitave side, and they are good to work with, and I like that !! 101
Your cows look like they shined up nice on that bit of grass you had at home.
Nice looking group!
Is that your new place?
If I led my cows out on the road with grass like that in the ditch they wouldn't be following the truck.
We are dry and warm but the grass is real slow. To many cold nights earlier and now probably we need a little rain ( not too much!) just to get it going.
Don't want too much rain as I have to haul some cows to grass.

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