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Took a Little Trip

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Mar 23, 2005
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I had a pretty good weekend. I drove my dad and my son down to Saskatoon (1300 kms one way) for a family reunion. Saw some pretty incredible country, is it ever green on the prairies. I feel pretty bad for the farmers down in Saskatoon country though, there's water laying all over the fields and it looks to me like there is a lot of acres that will be a write off.
I'd never been to Saskatchewan, but I gotta say that that is one productive looking place. Kinda made me bit uncomfortable though, not ever seeing an "end" to the scenery, it just keeps rolling along. For a hillbilly from BC it was sure an eye opener.
I was rather surprised to see that the crops up north are as far or further along than down south.
But dang it's good to be home!!!

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