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Traceback of Animals and Food for Safety

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Mar 7, 2005
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Sarasota Florida
When it come to traceback of animals and food there is a World Standard and the leader is http://foodnavigator.com/news/ng-nocache.asp?id=60965
That system sounds a lot like this one also.

Hi Murgen,I would be careful to use a system as their's is no protection on the login and no certificate of protection from losing your data and someone gathering your codes as they log in.It would take about 20 seconds to capture hacker data as their is not any encryption.It may have good data at the farm level but does the database have interfaces to pull in data from a feedyard with a 100,000 head running on Cow Sense and be able to ship the data to Mexico or Costa Rica on each package of meat. No ,they can't and if they did they would be breaking a bunch of world patents that we hold on interface xml export linear data transfer.They only do cattle and it's not even a blip on our screen.
First of all I see that it's a Canadian company,second it does not track any thing any where ,Its just a management system and it was a Eu. system that doesn't work or can be used elsewhere in the world shipping back to the EU. Their isn't transport records that comply even with the EU,FDA .THE list can go on an on. It WOULD be my last choice ,beef concepts,Besides I raise other commidities besides cattle.

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