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Trade Fishing Trip for Hunting Farm Land

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Nov 12, 2011
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Port Renfrew Van Isl
Looking to put a trip together for 2012 and a late season White Tail Bow season in BC Region 4 or 8. Looking for a Ranch that needs some deer removed in BC. Trip time Dec 1 to 20. Next year I am willing to put a fishing trip together for 4 anglers. Accommodations and fishing included for two days in Port Renfrew you can check out my site Hindsightfishing. Next year my hunting partners and I would like to harvest White Tail and Elk here in BC. This would mean you would come fishing first then we would see you in Sept when Elk open. We can look for our own accommodations, but if you have a buddy with accommodations we can talk he may want to join you on this fishing trip, it is good for 4 anglers.

I have being trading with some fellows in Tunkwa Lake, but would like to try somewhere else. Thanks John Wells :D

One of the other fellows has come forward with a water front condo in Qualicum, this is good for four people for two nights or what works for you. This condo like the fishing does book up, so please we want to work with the Ranchers and make your trip memorable. As we want to help harvest your problem Elk and Deer the best for us is work with you on some dates and earlier is best.

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