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Transport missing, heading for Sask.

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Feb 12, 2005
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Was just talking to a brother in Calgary and he was telling me about a truck that had went off the roadway into the Red Deer River. No sign of the truck or driver yet. I guess you boys out there are still dealing with some mighty strong currents.

Randy, did you get washed out?
...Murgen... the rivers here in Alberta are really movin...don't know how familiar you are with Alberta but the accident happened at the Morrin bridge...northwest of Drumdeller...it is one steep hill from the east side going down to the bridge...never heard what totally happened but if the driver did not gear right down at the top... if your rig is loaded it is mighty tough to stop without a good jake and good brakes at the bottom...they say he had to either ditch it or run over people on the bridge...