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Trip Pictures

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Here are some pic's I promised Jinglebob a while ago. They were taken in Nevada in June, all in Elko County except the last one is of a guy that worked here, that is now living back in Southern Idaho. Jinglebob knows who he is.

This is the N. Fork of the Humboldt RIver.


Spring fed pond.

Up by Tuscarora. Pretty good looking cattle and horses.

Spanish Ranch HQ. Near Tuscarora. Very big Outfit.

I appreciate ALL the pictures everyone posts,its just like taking a holiday and never havin to leave home :!: Neat how everyones land and doin things with the land and cattle veries... keep them comin 8)
Thanks for posting those Jake. I'll be driving thru that country in a few weeks. But I don't think I'll have any time to stop. Want to go along? :)

Doubt I would have time to go along, but if don't have time to slow down on the way thru, I think I will pass. :shock:

Maybe just enough time to kick me out as you slow down for road construction or something? :wink:
What ever turns your crank! :lol:

Takin' colts out , bringin' a stud back. So I knid'a need to get there, but may look at a few sights on the way back. I got one feller who's son lives there and he said he'd go along to help drive. Goin' right thru' Elko, so I could drop you off and pick you up a couple days later if it worked for you.
When you going? Maybe I will buy a horse, and you could bring it home for me? Just what you wanted to hear right? :roll:

Might help on the gas expenses. :D

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