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Truck Got Stuck

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Neil Waugh

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Jun 18, 2005
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Old Strathcona
Any folks with access to Canadian CMT (and time on their hands, that is) might want to check it out for Corb Lund's new video called "Truck Got Stuck."
It's supposed to be a gooder. The boys shot it down at drummer Brady Valgardson's home place at Taber in the middle of June.
Anyone in southern Alberta around then knows they didn't have to go too far to get the F-150 in the rubarb for the cameras. The rivers are just now getting back to normal from the big monsoon.
For those not totally up to speed, Corby's family has been ranching around the south for a few generations.
On the breakout album called Five Dollar Bill (a song about cowboys running Alberta moonshine across the line in the shadow of the Big Chief during the dirty 30s) there's a great cover shot of young Corb steer riding at the Writing on Stone rodeo grounds.
There are some fine photos of the shoot on Corb's website. Looks like they even got some Hutterites in on the deal.
They say the video will be in rotation starting this week.
But the album won't be out until the end of August. Maybe even September.
If the next is anything like the last, there should be lots of good ranching and rodeo songs on it.
Holger Peterson out of Stony Plain Records in Edmonton handles Corb.
He's also been recording Ian Tyson for years. Corb opened for Tyson at the Cowboy Poets at Elko this spring.
Their Roughest Neck Around video - shot out at the Leduc No. 1 historic site at Devon - was a beaut. Featuring Corb's rig pig brother.
Probably more Alberta ranches have been bought working the oil rigs than anyother form of seed capital.
The boys changed the name of the band not so long ago to Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans.
Kinda has a ring to it.
I'm not sure how much distribution Stony Plain gets Stateside. But I think you can order right off Holger's website.
I'm not pushing anything here. Just that's it's nice to have something good to throw into the coffee grinder on the dash of the truck for those long, dusty drives.
Or as Corb says: "It's Time to Switch to Whiskey, We've Been Drinkin' Beer all Night."

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