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Truth about Trade and Technology

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Feb 10, 2005
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Doesn't the bible warn of false prophets? Wolves in sheep's clothing? Looks like a close parallel to me.
I really don't understand your point. Could you explain it to me from your point of view? It looks like Kleckner is blaming our trade losses on the failure of the rest of the world to except our technology. I really don't agree with this. I am going to make a sadistic comment here. I think it is more because they don't want to be fat and obese like a lot of Americans. They don't want their kids drinking a lot of soda laced with high fructose corn syrup or loading up on vegitable oil we claim is good for them. I understand Russia banned the use of soy oil years ago because of its tendency to solidify at body temperature and slow down metabolism. Another reason is that they don't trust all our advertising. Look who bombards us with all these fantastic claims. Our corporations that have flocked to other countries to get rich on cheaper labor and sell our kids down the river because of job losses, have pointed out the true greedy nature of American business. The rest of the world is not stupid and they can't see making Cargill and Tyson richer when they can produce chickens themselves. I really think the reason the rest of the world is reluctant to trade with us is that they see the advantage of a positive trade balance and will only trade if they have the advantage. So in effect we have to finance what they buy from us. We are the only country in the world willing to print up money to do that. But don't worry we are businessmen we'll make it back in the stock market. We'll all get rich selling technology. In case you haven't noticed this is all bull session bull poop.

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