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Trying to explain why I do what I do

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert

The snow is crunchy and the stars are bright,
As I make my rounds, checking ewe's tonight.

The air is cold, and the moon is high,
But it looks kinda sleepy, and so am I.

10, then 12, then 2, then 4,
From the house to the barn, and back once more.

Have to lamb early, to make the stockshow,
But if we were half smart, we wouldn't lamb in the snow.

And though I am tired, and ready for sleep, I'll be up in two hours, to go check the sheep.

Then my light hits a ewe with a new set of twins. Both up and sucking, and my soul just grins.

I separate them off, into a lambing jug,
And feel like God, just gave me a hug.

Tiny and frail, yet still lively and strong.
The old ewe's talking to them, like she's humming a song.

I walk back to the house, now wide awake,
That made it all worthwhile, and I can take a short break.

When the ewes finish lambing, the heifers will start.
Sure it's costs me some sleep, but it's good for my heart.

I'm a cowboy, and a shepherd, and it suits me just fine.
There is something pretty special, about birthing time.

Watching life starting out, just can't be beat.
If I live to be ninety, it'll still sure be neat.

And that's one main reason, I have this little place.
Calves and lambs, keeps a smile on my face.

A wise man once told me, something most people believe.
Only folks up at midnight, are whores and thieves.

But I think he was wrong, and it's sure easy to see, if you'll come spend a few days, ranching with me.

Sleep's over-rated, but I'll tell you what's not.
Being a steward, is the best job I've got.

Caring for livestock, for the water and land,
Are in my DNA, and what makes me a man.

So next January, on a cold winter night.
I'll be out checking sheep, under stars so bright.

Leanin' H

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