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Tumbleweed Christmas

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
Here;s one by a good friend of mine. DW Grothe from up at Bainville MT. He always sends a new poem for Christmas and he said I could post it. He's a dang good poet, songwriter and musician, so if you ever get a chance to listen to him, don't pass it up! Hope you all enjoy the poem! :)

A Tumbleweed Tree

Well, once again ‘twas Christmas time
An Jake was runnin’ slow
Got himself way all behind
With two days left to go
Before the big event arrived
He got to thinkin’ “Heck!”
“There ain’t no way I’m catchin’ up
this thing is just a wreck!”

“I’ve got no Christmas foofaraw
to deck the home place out
An' there ain’t no tree for forty mile!”
Jake dang near had a pout
He got to gandrin’ ‘round the place
An the only thing he found
was buckbrush, sage and tumbleweeds
a rollin’ over the ground

“Use whatever’s handy”
His ol’ daddy used to say
So he picked him out a big ‘un
For his Christmas holiday
Dragged the thing back to the house
An’ set it in the corner
His grin was turnin’ down
To somethin’ sadder and forlorner

He took a long hard look an’ said
“It’s different an’ it’s quaint
the only problem with it...
it’s a Christmas tree that ain’t
Still... I suppose a fella’s got to
up and do what should be done.”
So, he stood it on the table
The festoonin’ had begun

He jury rigged a tree stand
With some vicegrips from the shed
Twisted icicles from tin foil
Strung some popcorn tinted red
Found himself some snoose cans
He’d neglected throwin’ out
Kind’a threaded string on through ‘em
An’ hung ‘em all about

It was gettin’ awful close
To what a Christmas pine should be
When it dawned on dear ol’ Jaker
He’d no bulbs to light the tree
That was pretty much the endgate
An’ things was gettin’ dark
Jake was sittin’, feelin’ lousy
When his squinters caught a spark

The stars they kind’a winkled
Through the cabins window glass
All o’er an’ on the tumbleweed
Jake felt his troubles pass
He thought, “ You know it really
ain’t about this tree at all.
It’s about that little fella
in a manger, I recall”

“An if I’m thinkin’ rightly
it was starshines gentle light.
That guided all them shepards
on that there Christmas night.”
So, with that thought in mind
He sort’a eased back in his chair
Said, “Thanks for all the blessin’s Lord
An’ Merry Christmas everywhere.”

written by DW Grothe


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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
a beautiful, simple reminder that things to not have to be "fancy" or from a "Martha Stewart" line of trimmings to show the TRUE meaning of the Christmas season!! Thanks again!! :D


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Feb 13, 2005
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that was good jinglebob,Merry Christmas boy.............good luck

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