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Turkey Hunting best Medicine

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Hay Feeder

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Oct 29, 2008
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ITs a Miricale Turkey Hutning has saved a crippled mans life.
My neighbor has been very ill for several years he has had atleast two liver transplants and is legally disabled. He needs a golf cart to ride in and uses a cane or walker to get around. Its a pretty big deal when he goes to Wal Mart.
He put his wife to work to pay the bills.
When turkey Hunting comes around he can jot right accross my 40 acre field
in record time with out a cane or walker holding a turkey deoy and shot gun.
The calves did not come up with the cows last week so drove down the hill turned around and there was Charley running to my gate faster than a speeding pickup.
God has belessed my neighbor miricale healer durning hunting season at least.

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