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TV Ads today and yesteryear

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
Where the heck is the Marlboro Man? Remember those Marlboro hunks in dark-colored jeans and light-colored chaps empathizing certain areas of their manliness? I never noticed the cigarette hanging casually on their lips. Can I turn on my TV these days and see Jack from the Yukon trying to get me drunk? No, I cannot! Where are these real men?

I am sick of all the Medicare (dis) advantage ads with those washed-up old buttless has-beens, but the ad that really ranks my rear is the one with guys like Tom Sellack assuring me that the reverse mortgage he is selling isn't buying my place for half value. Why isn't he masked up so we know he is a stinking bandit, a super spreader of auction day cow manure?

However 2012 I made an exception to one ad in particular. I didn't even have to see Sam Elliot when he did the voiceover for Dodge pickups and I was like just get over here with your big Dodge Sam, pick me up and take me for a spin baby!

I am disgusted and aggravated to no end waiting for Bruce to come out with "her" new line of Katlin bras. How dare her to keep us waiting! I can already hear the background ad music, "From a Jack to a Queen" as Brucie sashays out to have a little girl talk with us old vaginally born babes.

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