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Tyson says NCBA Wrong?

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Today 7/2/2005 7:05:00 AM

Jolley: Tyson Foods Predicts More Delays in Reopening Japanese Trade

John Tyson, C.E.O. of the world's biggest beef processing business, told a group of New York investors yesterday that the second confirmed U.S. case of BSE might delay Japan's decision to resume trading by as much as two months. His comments, coming just over a month after Greg Lee, Tyson's president of international operations, predicted Japan would begin buying U.S. beef again late in the fourth quarter of 2005, pushes the corporation's best guess about resumption of trade into early 2006.

Japanese government officials have stated that the second case wouldn't effect negotiations, a position held (at least publicly) by most trade organizations including the NCBA. Accepting the Japanese assurances at face value suggests they might have never intended to resume trade until next year, a delaying strategy not recognized by U.S. negotiators.
The USDA's plan on resuming trade with Japan is obviously a failed one - even a half-wit (and I won't mention any names :wink: ) should of been able to see it coming.

Why the NCBA sides with the USDA in allowing the big packers to hold the industry hostage is beyond me.

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