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update on bottle calf

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Feb 11, 2005
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Well the bottle calf is growing like a waterweed. And yes, I am his mamma.
I think I have started him on some feed but what a job getting him to take the first feed. I poured Molasses on the feed and on his nose. Then I put some of the molasses feed in his mouth. That was sure a wrestling match until he started sucking the feed and molasses off my fingers. By the end, we were both coated with molasses.
The next morning the calf was licked clean. I guess the cows thought he tasted sweet. I think this may have gotten him started sucking a heifer that lost her calf. I went out to feed him last night and he was plugged in getting some dinner. When he saw me, he stopped sucking and ran toward me for the bottle but I would not feed him. I also did not feed him this morning even though he was sure hungry. If he is balling this afternoon, I think I had better give him a bottle.
It looks like I found a new way to graft a calf. Just keep him coated in molasses and the cows will think he is such a sweet baby they all want to keep him. LOL
That sounds good hope it works for you will save you lots of labor.Did you get your bumper sticker?
Glad he knows how to suck a cow now. Once he gets a taste of cow milk over that powdered milk you're off the hook!

Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. I got a call Tues afternoon from Michelle that a bull I sold at the Fall-Roundup sale had flunked a BSE exam and that he was at the stockyard in Uniontown. So yesterday I hooked up my trailer to go and pick Lot #42 up and leave a check for the purchaser. I drive to Uniontown, went in the office, left a check and went to the back of the salebarn to load the bull. Well, lo and behold MY bull was not in the barn. The bull had lost his eartag but still had the RFID and tattoos in his ear. I told the people there that this was NOT my bull. They said it WAS and this went round and round for awhile. Finally I told the guy to put him in the chute and check the tattoo to confirm it for himself. Sure enough it was NOT my bull. Thank goodness for tattos because they didn't have a RFID reader. I came home still mad.
Half a day shot plus expenses.
Mike the guy should not have taken the bull to the stockyard without contacting you first. I would bet he has got his cows bred too. The nerve of some people???

Denny: Thanks loads for the bumper sticker. I have shown it off a lot and it has been a lot of fun. I al looking for aomthing alabama to send back. You should hear from me in a few weeks. Thanks again.

You state flunked BSE exam, shouldn't it of read BVD exam??? Neither are good, but one is way worse.

Who has your bull and did you get paid????

Wonder if Japanese would accept cattle from this testing??LOL.

Otherwise, maybe we should call it something else,

Pat, Breeding Soundness Exam is BSE. Yes I got paid for the bull I sold and the gentleman is happy.

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