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US Beef coming thru Canada

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Feb 10, 2005
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Has anyone heard of the shipments of cattle from Hawaii entering Canada, and the being shipped to the US. I think this is wrong, if we cant ship cattle through the US to Mexico, why should the US be allowed to ship cattle through cananda????

Just asking the question, and waiting a response from all our smart traders in the USA. Fair TRADE????
Yes, SMS. I remember a bit about your first question, but can't answer your second question.

And if memory is serving me correctly, there was a ranch in BC's North Peace area that grassed quite a few of those Hawaiian cattle. Might've been Clover Farms...can't say for sure.

Take care.
I just checked Canfax and their were no shipments of live cattle thru canada yet this year but I do know it happened last year. I just checked a report from last year and 8545hd were Transhipped thru Canada to the US.
I guess it still must be going on. I remember reading an article about it a few months ago, but can't remember where. Found this on another site.

B.C. calls on Ottawa to stop U.S. from shipping live cattle from Hawaii

VICTORIA, Mar 04, 2005 (The Canadian Press via COMTEX) -- British Columbia's agriculture minister called on the federal government Friday stop the U.S. from shipping live cattle from Hawaii through Vancouver to the continental U.S.

John Van Dongen said the shipments must end until the Americans reopen their border to Canadian cattle - a move that was delayed by a court injunction won by U.S. cattlemen.

"We're sending a message that we don't appreciate the very politicized approach that is being taken and it's not in the best interest of either country," Van Dongen said. "The United States is actually hurting itself."

Van Dongen said it's difficult to explain the fairness of allowing American beef through Canada when the Americans wouldn't even let Canadian cattle move through the U.S. to Mexico.

Van Dongen said Canada must send the U.S. a strong message that opposition to reopening the border to Canadian beef is based on protectionism, not science.

But Van Dongen said stopping the Hawaii shipments would be a symbolic move.

"It is probably more a symbolic issue, a symbolic action, but nevertheless a pointed one."

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