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US beef industry warned of tariff threat

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Feb 13, 2005
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US beef industry warned of tariff threat

Monday, 07/11/2005

With hopes of a resumption in exports to Japan within
six weeks, the US beef industry is being warned it
will face stiff tariffs as well as strong competition
from Australia.

Past US National Cattlemen's Beef Association
president Wythe Willey says Japan's snapback tariffs
were meant for sudden import surges, not trade resumed
after a total ban.

"It will come into play if we start sending any amount
of beef back into Japan," he said.

US beef will face a 50 per cent tariff, including a
nearly 39 per cent snapback on top of an entrenched
Australian trade.

"The part that's the toughest for us is that the
Australians do have some grain-fed programs that have
been fairly successful," he said.

"So they're head to head with us on their grain fed

Mr Willey concedes it will be some time before US beef
returns to the $1 billion plus levels it enjoyed
before Japan's ban after a US mad cow case in 2003.
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