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US cattle ID delay helps Australian exports

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Mar 2, 2005
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US cattle ID delay helps Australian exports
US cattle ID delay helps Australian exports

Thursday, 28/04/2005

A delegation of US Department of Agriculture officials in Tokyo has confirmed that the mandatory identification scheme for US cattle will not be in operation until 2009.

That has pushed back the time frame for large scale US beef exports into Japan.

The US says 35 per cent of cattle can still meet criteria set by the Japanese Government, but the editor of Cattle Buyers Weekly, Steve Kay, says the real number would only be about 15 per cent.

He says the delay in implementing the US ID scheme will help Australia keep a stranglehold on the Japanese beef market.

"I certainly believe that it will take until 2010 to do that having watched that it has taken two to three years just to get to this point initially," he said.

"And they are talking about some time in the next few months if and when the market re-opens the Japanese market that only 15 to 20 per cent of all the cattle that they receive at the moment would be eligible."
Great news as that will also allow Canada more time to gain back a much larger portion of the Japanese market.

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