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USDA Conflicting Mandates Highlighted by Latest News

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I see where the Consumers Report is calling on Congress to stiffen all the Firewall rules- blood, chickenlitter, and table scraps... They are advising their readers that beef is safe, but suggesting they buy labeled and organic...They are also advising their readers of the new COOL laws on fish and shrimp and the ability to buy locally produced products rather than imports.......
Consumers Union has this e-mail message to Johanns for its readers to sign onto and send:

Given the repeated missteps and delays by the Department of Agriculture in the handling of suspected mad cow cases, I am urging USDA to immediately begin testing all cattle over 20 months of age at slaughter. In addition, I further urge USDA to immediately adopt the most accurate and sensitive Western blot test as part of the standard protocol for determining if a suspected animal has mad cow disease.

Recently, it was discovered that a cow, which USDA said tested negative for mad cow disease in November, had tested positive in June. This raises serious concerns about USDA's handling of this very important consumer issue. Valuable time has been lost. It is imperative USDA reassure consumers, both in America and abroad, that every possible action is being taken to keep American beef safe.

Americans have a right to expect the beef they buy in the grocery store is safe for the dining room table. It is incumbent upon USDA to take every reasonable step to meet those expectations. Testing all animals over 20 months of age as well as utilizing the most sensitive Western blot test are common sense steps the must be taken to put conumers minds at ease.