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Feb 11, 2005
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I cannot believe Japan agreed to Age verification without documented birth records.............. Well this ain't a done deal yet! I would suggest producers prove age verification because the packers will want it regardless of what a federal grader says. It's called "covering your butt"!

> JAPAN - US BEEF TALKS Officials high in the
government of Japan have given their nod of approval to a
method of determining the age of cattle without birth records
that may clear the way for U.S. producers to begin shipping
beef overseas again. Japan's Ministry of Agriculture and
Ministry of Health have accepted the report from a special
technical panel that visited the United States to determine
whether a method similar to that used by USDA inspectors in
grading beef was accurate enough to guarantee safety of
American beef. Although Japan still has to change its
internal law that all cattle slaughtered must be tested for
bovine spongiform encephalopathy, no matter what age they
are, the decision within the two ministries seems to remove
the last substantial obstacle standing in the way of
resumption of trade between the two countries. (Meating

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