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USGS boosts estimate of Cook Inlet natural gas reserves.

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Feb 13, 2005
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Cook Inlet holds far greater natural gas reserves than government scientists estimated 16 years ago, the last time they studied the region's potential,

The USGS estimates that the Inlet holds 600 million undiscovered barrels of oil, 19 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 46 million barrels of natural gas liquids.

"That means Alaska residents can expect the jobs, revenues and energy security benefits from these resources within just a few years, compared to the endless delays that plague development in federally held areas," she said.

Federal officials canceled a Cook Inlet lease sale this year for lack of interest. But the state of Alaska, which oversees the area covered in the USGS report, last week saw unusually high interest in leases it offered on 613,000 acres.

The state received just five bids for Cook Inlet tracts in 2009, and 37 in 2010. The number jumped to 110 in the recent sale, Bids were valued at a total of $11 million.

not one Federal lease sale "canceled for lack of interest"... .. 110 State of Alaska sales?

Does this show that few are willing to invest in the federal leases due to the unpredictability of the Obama administration on granting drilling permits?

can we say Jobs are priority number one for Obama?

can just one liberal explain why with all the natural gas and oil discoveries we do not have a massive Obama energy plan to step towards energy independence?

BTW what is Obama's energy plan.. is there one? or are they still looking into it?

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