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Valentine's Day, 2012

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills

I made this pencil drawing back in 1979, when Peach and I tied the knot. Our daughter, Sunflower, inked it in, framed it, and gave
it to Peach and me for Valentine's Day this morning.

It depicted our wedding and our starting out pulling in double harness.

I couldn't draw very good back then, and do even worse now.

Me in my bib and tucker, necktie, and Sunday-go-to-meeting hat. The horse is packing the brand of my dad's ranch.

Peach in powerful prayer, wondering what in the world she had gotten herself into. Her horse is wearing her step-father's brand.

Merging our menagerie on a miserable mule. He is wearing the Spearhead brand of our future operation. Notice the mule is wearing
no halter, but at the time I had a would-be cow-and-mule dog named Jake, who is keeping the mighty mule moving. Notice also
that there is a cliff we are about to go over, and the jackrabbit is just trying to stay the heck out of the way. Nearly thirty-three years
later, we are still happily falling over that cliff, together, but not without any less prayer.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. :)
well you got pencil talent that for sure some of them simple looking depictions aint to simple with pencil in hand, especially one like yours that tells a long and happy success story :wink:
good luck

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