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Valerie Graves, Artist, Does Amazing Painted Horses

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Mar 20, 2005
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It's good to know that a lot of folks in the Coffee Shop like Doc Harris love horses and care about them being treated right. (ref my post about the TV miniseries, Into the West) Considering more modern methods, a lot of horses were broken and trained using harsh methods that were unnecessary in the past, and a lot of those methods are shown in western art. But it takes time to learn to do things "a better way," so we shouldn't be too hard on the folks who don't understand "the new way" yet. If we love horses and want what's right for them, then time is a great teacher, and good things will happen.

If you love horses and Western and Southwestern art, ya gotta see Valerie Graves' horse!

Who is Valerie Graves? What is her "different take?" Just use the link below to my blog to learn about Valerie and her most unusual and fascinating work. You will be glad you did.


Thanks for your time. Do you know anyone else who does a great job on "a different kind of western art?" I'm sure a lot of us would like to know about it.

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