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video cattle sales

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Jun 24, 2005
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south central texas
My dad and I are considering selling our calves through superior, instead of the sale barn. Do any of you use video and do you recomend it rather than the local sale? Are there any hidden costs besides commission?
Not sure yet what the cost are but we are scheduling a meeting with a superior rep to come over and discuss it. Will be happy to let you know what information we get though.
You can also check out www.frontierstockyards.com, similar format to Superior but the sale is online, therefore you can get bids faster and more of them than you can with phone lines. Have not used them yet, have used video sales.
We have use Superior for many years now. Had one year with a rep who couldn't tell time or had no watch. Our current rep is excellent. One year we had 344 calves and when it was all done, we had one left - and no buyers complaints.

Selling on video saves one leg of trucking. Superior's commission is 2%. We give a 2% shrink. The last time we went to a sale barn, the costs were about twice and the actual shrink between ranch and barn was 4 1/2%. And if you decide not to sell, you don't have to haul them back home.

We have also bought some cattle on video, but were less than thrilled with the way the cattle were represented - they were not as good as advertised and the seller went out of his way to discourage us from helping sort. (They wondered why we didn't bid on their cattle this year.)_

All in all, wouldn't hesitate to recommend Superior, but make sure you are comfortable with your rep. You can tell how well you are doing if the same buyers keep coming back!!

We buy quite a few cattle from Superior. As a buyer we are very satisfied. We enjoy buying at salebarns also, but we don't have a lot of free time to go. Be sure you feel comfortable with your rep. Good luck.

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