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War on Teachers Policemen and Firefighters

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Feb 10, 2005
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Why is it every time the Democrats talk about the Republicans wanting to cut spending they use the fear mongering statement about how the Republicans want to fire Teachers, Policemen and Firefighters?

Why is it ALWAYS those "GOVERNMENT" employees that the Dems want fired?

Why can't the Republicans mean to cut the salaries of other government employees? LIKE oh I don't know Congressmen, assistants to Congressmen, IRS agents, Do Czars and the Presidents advisors get paid? Maybe the President should be limited to how many people he and the First Lady can have on the White House staff!!!!! Or maybe Air Force One should be put on a tighter budget and once Obama hits his limit on fuel useage, the plug gets pulled and the Pilots get days off . No more flying to California to yuke it up on Late Night TV and attend DNC fund raisers on the Tax payer dime.
But nope it is ALWAYS the teachers, Policeman and firefighters that get put on the Democrat chopping block when someone even dares to mention spending cuts. :roll:

BTW how many times have the Democrats use the argument they have to save Teachers, Policemen and Fire Fighters jobs when they are trying to sell the US voters on yet another MULTI- BILLION DOLLAR STIMULUS PACKAGE? :?


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
liberals like word association psychology.. it is easy and their cult followers eat it up like kid with a super-sized shake...

it is easy for then to claim saving teachers, police, firefighters,.. and real easy for them to have a massive reduction in force for our soldiers..

but they only talk about one side constantly... and the other is called a draw-down.. or bringing our troops home...

one thing few of the liberal cultist have the ability to admit is that there are few actual "federal" teachers, police or firefighters,... in fact the actual number is downright miniscule..

that is some thing any conservative can see.. the fed is sucking the states and towns dry of revenue,.. revenue the towns and states need to fund needed resources..

and then blowing that same revenue on ridiculous projects and foreign aid... and more spending then any other president in history..

education.. 2% of fed budget..

dept of transportation.. 3%


if Obama concentrated on "creating jobs",..

we could lower two of the larger budget categories

Imagine for a moment if obama had jut encouraged oil/gas production,.. lowered the corporate rate on US manufactured products.. then a cut in the 13% we spend on safety net programs and the 21% spent on medicaid and chip programs could be naturally cut without ever having sacrifice.

how about a reality check for liberals... out of work.. not in labor force,.. means.. on a government check in most cases..

put them to work.. and the need to write the check drops...


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