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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
Even if you don't send

I just got an eMail saying "You Have Won a New Dell Computer" - asked for my Address PHONE ## I used my Land Line - then a Question:(
I know better but - - - "If you could you would you go back to school (yes) (NO) - Clicked Yes ___

Are You Diabetic _Yes __ Medcare? __ Yes
Then I Decided they wanted to know to much - so I hit "Delite" _ """"I SENT NOTHING""""

With-in 20 minutes my Phone rang - "They tried to sell me on a school" I said I was on a NO CALL LIST - she said I had asked to be call ON Line - - "Click"

The the Diabetic Call - I am on a NO CALL LIST - I had asked to be called on line - - "Click"

4 on Land Line Calls in the past hour...

"I DID NOT SEND ANYTHING" Pretty Dam Trickey -
""""They read my answers anyway!""""

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