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Wasp Stings?

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May 31, 2005
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A friend of mine asked me to post this and see if anyone could help. He has a bucking bull that he bucked last night and the bull was perfectly normal. Today, he'll come up to feed and water OK, he'll stand in his pen OK. But once you get to working with him he'll sit down like a dog (kind of on his rear end). They figured he was having problems with his back. The vet came out and his back is fine. After the vet left they noticed a ton of wasp stings on his neck. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen from Wasp Stings? Any other ideas? :???:
That's a thought, it could be allergies. I kind of wonder if they just hurt when he gets blood flowing and wants to sit a way where they don't touch anything. Hopefully, it's nothing to bad he was on his way to be a winner.

Thanks! :D :D
I went and looked at this bull last night. Something is majorly wrong and I doubt it has anything to do with wasp stings. He won't get up at all now. He has control of his front end but not his back end. It started out where he was just wobbly in the backend now, he's down. I still don't think his back is broke. I've seen that before and it's just not like that. He has a great appetitite. Doesn't act hurt or sick at all (except he can't get up). He acts like he enjoys when people rub on him and mess with him (before he hated to be touched). He's been getting dex for the last 4 days today is his last day. The chiropacter is coming out on Friday to check him out. All I can think of is a pinch nerve. Is there anything you can do for that? Any thoughts?

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