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Weather forcast

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
For the area of the northwestern part of South Dakota:
Weather forcast for the next month;

We will have periods of wind and calm with occasional snow and/or rain showers, but not enough for some people and too much for others.

There will be days of sunshine mixed with days being overcast. Some temperatures will be high and some will be low. Never just the right temperature to suit everyone.

Daytime highs will be from 0 to 60 degrees F for highs and lows from -10 to 40 degrees F.

On some days there could possibly be fog that will clear off at some point. Or not.

Some night time fogs possible also.

There will be times of beautiful weather mixed with storms.

Nights will be mostly dark.

There you go faster horses. If that don't cover it, let me know and I will try again.

My Dad always said that the good Lord would send you just as much moisture as you needed and some years you evidently don't need as much!

Seirously. I do figure on getting a storm along about the 21 of march. We are leaving to see our new, first grandchild on the 4th of March so I figure we will get some weather in about then, when my son is watching things and I just hope he don't break my wore out ol' tractor down while we are gone. 'Course, it doesn't matter if he does. as we have good neighbors who will gladly give him a helping hand.
jinglebob....sure that was not Montana's forecast???!! ya know what they say here on the cameron flats?....if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes or drive 3 miles!! scary, but true....my husband will often get caught up in a summer time "gully washer" 2 miles from the house and we will be bone dry here AT the house!!! have you ever thought about becoming a weather forecaster?!! all they do is "guess", anyway!!! your guess is as good as any i've heard....but more honest!!!
My forecast is for the next 10 Sundays I will get an inch of slow rain. :wink:
Well, Jinglebob, that was a great weather forcast. No sense trying to top that one!!!

Made me laugh!!


I think you may have missed your calling!! If you ever need a reference for a job with the weather service just let us know here at ranchers.net!!!
Back in April'97 Northern Ag Network had a weatherman by the name(Mick Care..sp?).HE predicted a big spring storm a week in advance.
We were getting into the swing of calving and very little more than natural shelter,so we spent many days getting every thing situated the best we could.It turned out that he had that storm pegged exactly,one of the worst storms I have ever been through!It lasted 4 day with gobs of snow and horrific winds.We had a neighbor that kind of ignored the warning and had pairs turned out in the open and lost a bunch of baby calves.We lucked out and didn't lose any.
I don't know what became of this man,but he sure save our butts!!
I remember that storm, too Juan. Seems like it was the last really big snow we have had.

Wasn't that the one that was so terrible over by Lemmon SD and south of there? Alice, publisher at the Lemmon Leader make a little booklet full of pictures people brought in to the paper and had them for sale. One fellow I know of frosted his lungs in that deal. Yea, it was BAD.

That was the year we quit vaccinating our cows for scours because it was drifted so bad, we couldn't get the cattle in to give the shots. We have never given them since except to the two-year olds. But with the trouble we had in the past, we would never have voluntarily chosen to quit on our own. Luckily, the immune system is top-notch in our cows now and it has worked out fine that we don't give the shots. Sure made us nervous at the time, though.

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