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Weather Patterns

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Feb 14, 2005
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I've listened to you guys talk about the weather for awhile. Now I'd like to get my 2cents worth in. I've spent the last two years collecting rainfall data from any archives I could find. My idea was to try and prove somehow that jumbo jets constantly flying through storm fronts can split them and cause less rainfall under flight path. Trouble is so much of the data is incomplete that it messes up the average. We live under the major flight path into Ohare in Chicago. All planes from the west line up in a line and come in over a path Bradford Ill to Chicago. They call this the Plano connection. We live in Plano. I'll tell you right now we get much less rain than points ten miles north and south of this line. This idea was spawned by an article in Popular Science magazine that explained when FAA shut down all air traffic after 9/11 that weather patterns changed dramaticly. It was titled" Airlines Busted." Well haven't got enough evidence to cause govt. to start another of their stupid studys, but I think this could be proved dramatically by satalite chromotography. But think CIA is hiding info to save airline transportation industry. Incidently they have released info that surburban development causes convection currents that move storm fronts and rainfall from one place to another. You can read about this by typing "heat dome theory" into your browser. A friend of mine was boating in Lake Michigan when his 24ft boat was almost swamped when he got under one of these convection currents. It sucked up all the bugs from a five county area and dumped them right on top of him. What I'm trying to say is that if you think the weather is screwy, there is a science based reason for that. I guess I'm the only one around that believes in the Pentagon study that says it is possible the next ice age could start this year. A recent movie "The Day After Tomorrow" was a take off of that report. Everybody poo poos that movie as fiction. The only thing is penagon study was based on info from satalite chromotagraphy that is not available to everyone, and of course a lot of theory. Scary to me that Asians believe in this and I'm always worried that they are smarter than we are. Chinese did a documentary for 60 minutes showing the destruction their melting glaciers are causing and supporting the science behind that Pentagon study. So maybe we shouldn't grumble so much about feeding each other. Just wish ranchers and farmers would benefit from global trade instead of just making Cargill rich. You know what I mean?
Interesting. VERY interesting.

My old boss was interested in this type of happening. Not long before the 'powers that be' came out with the "Global Warming" theory, it was thought we were headed into another "Ice Age." My boss owned a newspaper and printed some articles dealing with that fact. Of course, the "Global Warming" theory took off like a rocket nationwide, and we don't hear much of the coming of the "Ice Age". His articles did stick in my head, well, the general gist of them anyway, because I thought they had a lot of merit.

Only thing about the rainfall theory, we have ALWAYS had drought, way back since the beginning of time. It would be interesting to know what really causes the change from a wet year to a dry one(s).

I also would like to know more about WIND. Isn't what causes wind, the barometric pressure change in different parts of the country? So what causes one place to be more windy than another? Why were some places less windy and now more windy? It seems like wind is on the increase most everywhere (in Mt. and Wyo. anyway). Is it because wind goes along with drought?

Yep, lots of questions, for sure. One thing: Isn't it great that MAN does not control the weather? Can you imagine what would happen if they did?

Thank you, God.

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