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Feb 10, 2005
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Although Billings was moisture leader for the state, the storm dropped a healthy dose of precipitation over much of Central and Eastern Montana. In the 24 hours that ended at 6 a.m., Lewistown got .97 inches; Jordan, .94 inches; Red Lodge and Livingston, .75 inches; Baker, .52 inches; and Bozeman, .43 inches.

I got .2ths, how about you real Jake and Faster Horses?
rancher- we got about 47 drops- but just south of us on the Missouri looks like they got a good rain--Glad to see some of the areas that had nothing getting some........
48 drops here so far. It looks like it went on past us before it built up. Lots of lightning in the area since at leat 3 in the morning. Still waiting.
Jake, I had the lightning at 3 am too. Sure brought me out of bed, let the dog in before he tore the door down.
ennis got about 8 inches of the real heavy wet stuff....heavy enough to take down a few power lines and close some roads!! kept the kids home because of the road conditions...today, however, the wind is back (as usualy :? ) and things in the valley are melting and puddling everywhere!! sure hope you guys east of us got some of this too...the weather channel says this storm will be here til thursday morning....best of luck to you!!
It's been wet, gloomy and overcast all day today, here. Wonderful weather!

We are supposed to get rain tomorow and the next day also. I have to fly to Lousiana on Saturday, so I suppose it will storm while I am gone, or fight it on the roads on my way back, driving my sons vehicle. Oh well, as long as it's wet, its worth it!

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