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Weekend trip to Fredericksburg....

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
I love this lil town. If I had to live any where else in Texas this is where I'd wanna be. But they need rain just as bad as we do.



I betcha this fella had anything and everything you'd ever want or need in/on the back of his truck LOL

Then we stopped at a place that salvages old log cabins....rebuilds them or uses old timber to build houses for you. Ohhhhh how I could take these buildings home.....I could so live in this lil cabin.

This would be my smoke house.

Mr. Lilly's "honey do list" is gettin longer....

I love the porch light...

Lil neighboring cabin..

Ok...I'd hafta draw the line somewhere...I do require indoor plumbing (most of the time ;)

The lil fence around the whole place...
What did you do while you were there? From the banner across the street, it looks like there was something big going on.

My In-Laws moved there from Denver many years ago. He passed away about 8 years ago. We've only been there once, on a family trip before he died. We really liked the area and town. Sort of a tourist town but very pretty and lots going on most of the time.
We were there for the Swap Meet (that's what the banner is advertising) Old car parts...junk...whatever ya wanna call it. Came home with a hood for my truck...some stuff for Mr. Lilly's car....and a set of hubcaps for the 59 Impala that the fella that we work for owns. It's in it's final stages of restore....and needed correct hubcaps. I lucked upon them. Whole set of 5. We got a few other items...painting supplies...body work supplies etc. But I just like goin because of the location...and all the other things to do there.
Oh...and the fella we work for...bought another car!!!! a 1960 El Camino It matches the Impala...but needs restored. I declare...we will never get finished with his stuff!!!! LOL He just keeps buyin more.
Me and my wife and another couple are headed there the 13th for the horse races!! One of my best friends growing up now lives there with his family. My wife loves it there with all the shops, etc and being only a couple hrs to the south it is dangerous to go there (as in dangerous to my checking account) lol
Been there a few times. Fun, and great food. But not my choice for a ranch. SD is having one of those really special years for the normally dry areas, so we are enjoying it lots, with already more than our entires' year average of precipitation in all forms, 14". It still would be green as can get if not for all the seed heads on the native grasses. Dams all full, except those washed out, and thankfully, we don't have too many of those. One on a neighbors place several miles up stream did come real close to ending up in my basement a while back. Fortunately, it stopped just after we got the berm built and the creek dropped soon after. Would have had a few inches, but that would be too much for me to deal with. Can't imagine how awful it is for those who have been dealing with flooding in their homes for weeks, months actually. And, it may last well into late fall along the upper MO river, friends involved are being told.

Well, sorry to get off subject, just wanted to add that Fredericksburg is a neat place to visit.


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