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we'll never forget

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little bow rancher

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Oct 29, 2008
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between two lakes
it was 10 years ago that I had a horse saddled in the barn to go check cows , never made it out there that day and I don't think the cows minded , they were all hero's to us
I was watching the news waiting to go to a dentist appointment. I did make the appointment. We watched in there as well, more than my mouth was numb that day.
We were haying as usual. Turned the news on, Debbie and I first thought it was a clip from a movie. I remember phoning Don Raffan from Valley Auction and telling him to turn his news on.

State of shock all day.
We were at a field trial in Manitoba, guy came out to tell us. Trial went on but between every brace someone gave updates. That trial has a foundation set up to give money to be used in the community (Broomhill/Melita area) which comes out of the entry fees, two local ladies distribute it. That year they gave it to the Red Cross.
turned on the morning news and couldn't believe it, went for breakfast at a local diner and watched it unfold, will always remember the silence of the skies for the days after.
We were out haying that morning, didn't find out about it until my folks drove out in the field to tell us.

I will never forget the day or the unity of the nation the following months. I pray that unity can be rekindled on this 10 year anniversary.

"The desire to serve, the ability to perform, the courage to act"
Was in Europe on holidays, spent the the rest of the trip glued to CNN . Have never wanted to be home so badly in my life .

Was a terrifying flight home, where you watched everyone with suspicion.
I'd just come up out of the mine i was working at. We'd shot a round and had come up while the air cleared. The hoistman had his radio on and we all gathered around it as the 2nd plane hit. I just remember how sick we felt and then how mad. It was such a horrific thing that you couldnt wrap your mind around it.

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