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Went to a minor league game

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Feb 10, 2005
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We went to see the Blue Rocks play on Sat with our daughter's family, a late father's day gift. It was blazing hot and humid even by 8PM and since we were sitting down close to the diamond there was no breeze. Whew! And the grand-dgt likes to sit real close :lol: (We need an Emoticon with sweat dripping, Macon.)
We all agreed it was more fun though seeing a minor league game than the big league because it was an up close and personal setting.
Everyone sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame (twice with vigor), there is cheering etc., I caught a free little football, we all tried to catch free t-shirts, everyone was handed free baseball hats at the entrance and free choc.bars when leaving, we watched the police take out a wild man, there were races for kids/families/babies during intermissions and the little grandkids seemed to like the roving mascots the best- one called Mr. Celery of all things to promote good eating. How the mascots stood wearing their heavy stuffed costumes is beyond understanding in the heat! The Blue Rocks lost to the Nationals, but a good time was had by all despite the heat making it a fine late father's day gift.