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Wet Meadows

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Aug 23, 2006
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S. of Valentine, NE
Trailing pairs across wet meadows is a challenge this time of year...with all the rain we've had..and will have, most of our low meadows are flooded right now. Of course there's no place to go but across them to get the pairs to pasture...I'm thinking that an airboat would be alot of fun right now!!! lol




The waterholes are a little deep for the pony! lol


My horse and my dog match in color...just not in speed...lol Horse is slow..dog is fast..lol


Heading back across the lake/meadow to the trailers


That's a lot of water, Jassy. I would need a life-jacket to ride in that much water, 'cause I sure can't swim. :wink:

When the Kosmo Kid was about four or five, we had to cross some pretty deep water in a meadow. He was telling about it later, and was describing riding into water that kept getting deeper and deeper. He said, "My horse kept getting littler and littler, and pretty soon he was just like a baby horse." :)
Been awhile since we've been that wet-when we had our first wet year after all the droughts we had trouble getting cows across the muskkeg. I got thinking we'd sold of all our old cows due to the dry that had been around when it was wet. Flooding sucks but I'd rather deal wiuth too much than not enough moisture.

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